Speech Bubbles Workshop

In the second part of the session we worked with Newham Speech Bubbles Company and were given the opportunity to maybe work with them in the future. This was a short session but we were given an insight of what they do as a company and a short training into how they conduct their workshops […]

Process Drama and Mantle of Expert

Today’s session was based on the ideas and motives around ‘process drama’ and ‘mantle of expert’. Both of these terms are spoken highly of within applied theatre and relies on allowing the education system to become more expressive and open to developing social skills as well as promoting the understanding of others. The ‘Mantle of […]

Introduction into Term 2

With this being our first session into Term 2, we used the session to go through the module guide and gain a deeper understanding of what Term 2 was going to include. We discussed our own expectations and what was expected of us as well as being informed on our assessments, dates and times. Term […]

Reflection of Term A

Term A was a much more theory based semester whereby we explored a variety of different types of applied theatre that is used in theatre today. With applied theatre being used as a device to create a change or social intervention as well as exploring issues and subject, in what can be seen as an […]