The Tortoise and Hare DiE workshop – Final Dress Rehearsal

In today’s session, we were given the opportunity to run our workshop completely with the other half of the group to see how successful it is and what still needs some work before we go into the school next week. With all of our color coordinated costumes and subtle props, our piece felt like it was coming together. Using bright colors for costume allowed us to be aesthetically pleasing for the children and complimented the characters we were playing.

We invited the other members of the group to come and take part in our workshop as the ‘children’ to enable us to experiment our workshop and ideas on real people for constructive criticism and to make sure we are connecting the right themes and ideas to our participants. Due to the group being educated in Applied Theatre and workshops, it was very difficult for them to act and react how the children may do, but however, children can be very unpredictable so this was just something we had to leave to chance. It was useful working with them as it allowed us to tighten our lines and fill awkward gaps to keep the workshop running smoothly.

Some of the feedback we received from the participants included

  • animal representations needs to be more solid and clear – movements much bigger/animated
  • slower, clearer speech
  • make sure pairs of animals are familiar with lines and they are equally distributed

This was helpful feedback as it allowed us to go over and tighten the things that clearly were still a but up in air. It was clear in this rehearsal who was more confident with the plan and facilitating certain parts as these were the members of the group that were more focused on the dynamic and supported their peers. This was good as it reassured me that if someone was to forget something or go off-balance there was enough of us to pick up and help.

This session, overall, made me much more confident and excited to work on behalf of the Half Moon Theatre Company and UEL in sharing this workshop with the young children of East London. Even though we could have had some more rehearsals and time, i felt our workshop was empowering and strong and i was confident and thrilled to perform.


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