Working on our Drama in Education Workshop

After our visit to the Half Moon Theatre Company and choosing to base our workshop on a script in their archives of the story of The Tortoise and The Hare, we were back at UEL ready to start creating.

This session was very much discussion based, whereby we took apart the script and chose what part of the script we were actually going to use as well as beginning to set some work we may use in the workshop? Looking at the script as a group we went through it and decided the main parts of the story that are crucial and important. These parts were:

The Beginning – all the friends/animals come together in the morning and think about the things they would like to do on such a lovely day.
Building a Den – they all decided to build a den together when the Hare gets stuck and the animals come together to help him out.
Counting the money – The Fox is having trouble with finances so the Tortoise helps them out and gets it correct and is praised by the other animals
Teasing/Bullying – the Hare begins to feel left out and starts teasing the Tortoise about their short leg/slow pace
Race – the Hare asks the Tortoise to a race – after encouragement from the Elephant they race
Winning – the Hare becomes arrogant and decided to fall asleep – Tortoise overtakes Hare and wins – Hare apologised to Tortoise – all friends.
We then went on to discuss how we were going to create a workshop that allowed the children to feel included and equal. This should create an open, safe environment where they could share their ideas and feelings and even feel as if they can make a change. It should also allow them reflect on themselves and their own situations and actions in a positive way. Being inspired by the Mantle of Expert, we wanted to create a work shop that would allow these children to become the expert and be part of the journey these characters go on, learning and exploring issues on the way. We want to give the children a sense of responsibility that allows them to feel included and an essential part of the workshop allowing the children to have an authentic, original experience.

Overall, this session was very useful in beginning to set some visions of how we would like our workshop to go as well as reminding us of some of the reasons we are doing this work shop and degree. Using drama in the education system to give children the opportunity to explore issues and themes that are not in the school curriculum, but in a safe and secure way promotes development of social skills and the understanding of others which are key parts of growing up in a safe, fair society.


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